NORIS Specialty Ink

NORIS Specialty Ink

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Fast Drying Ink #007

Drying time: 120-180 seconds. Can be used with Flash Stamp and Self-Inking Stamp..

Fast Drying Ink #191

Drying time: 100-300 seconds. Kindly purchase fast drying with solvent! ..

Fast Drying Ink #SM

Drying time: 5-70 seconds. Kindly purchase together with solvent!..

Neon Ink

Neon ink has a fluorescent effect even on white paper, is strengthened under UV light, Suitable for ..

UV Ink

UV endorsing ink for cardboard and paper as well as entry checks on human skin in discotheques. ..

Versatile Ink Pad | VI Pad

Un-inked stamp pad for specialty ink. Diameter: 66x104mm..